Stratus™ Lite Combat System

Version 1.2-BETA

This is a very simple roll system for combat resolution.

Dice throw

The dice throw revolves around several d10 results, based on the rand command offered by World of Warcraft:

According to your role, your action or your situation, the number of dices can change, according to the DM.

We use the command /roll 999 for the dice throw, with the number of 9 matching the decision of the DM.

To make the reading easier (with potential missing digits), the digit 0 and missing digits are to be regarded as zero and not ten.

Resolving an action

At least one of the dice must attain the required score to succeed. If you have more than one, your success will be more significant. This can lead you to critical effects, according to your DM.

Note: By default, World of Warcraft rand starts at 1 and not 0, meaning we can't have 0 on all dice. Although it's possible to force the rand to start at 0, we kept this side effect, the impact being negligible, in order to simplify the use of the rand command.