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Harska, Skold and the Final Straw

by Skold

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Skold enters a great underground hall, taking a deep breath as he walks in. He has finally managed to get out of this maze.

The dwarf is covered by marks and bruises, he even has a couple arrows stuck in his armor. Skold might have triggered every trap on the way in.

As he advances within the room, he sees what he was looking for. A dagger, unique, magnificent, and most of all, very valuable.

Long ago, this dagger was imbued with the power to protect this place. But now, it is nothing more than a relic of a forgotten past. A relic made of silver and gemstones.

The fire in Skold's eyes brightens up. He quickly moves to grab the artifact, then...

Then a lava burst crosses the room and hits his back.

"Don't make another step!"

The voice echoes in the hall. Skold turns around to see another Dark Iron dwarf coming right at him.

"Harska..." he mumbles.

Skold knows her. He has seen her too many times already, looking for the same treasures as him.

"I should have known it was ye," says Harska. "I'm tired of seein' ye under me feet. Let's settle this, once and fer all."

Skold sighs. "Ye asked fer it," he says, grabbing his axe and mace.

With a firm push from his legs, he rushes towards Harska, striking with both his weapons. Alas, having anticipated the reckless move from her opponent, she easily dodges it.

Harska casts a new lava burst in direction of Skold's head, but her attempt doesn't succeed either, as he bats the fireball with his mace.

The battle goes on and on, with none of them prevailing. They manage to hit each other from time to time, but it's far from enough to make any of them yield.

Eventually, after a while, the exhaustion catches up with them.

Their combat has carried on for far too long.

Harska hasn't the strength to call for the Fire's power anymore. Meanwhile, Skold starts to buckle under the weight of his own weapons.

They both look at each other, panting, nearly unconscious.

They finally collapse, heavily falling on the ground.

When Harska opens her eyes, she instinctively puts herself in defensive position, but she realises that Skold is still sleeping. He's even snoring.

She glances at the dagger, only to see that it's no longer there. In its place, there is a piece of paper with something written on it. She screams like she's just been robbed.

Skold wakes up. He too understands that the dagger is gone as he sees Harska holding the paper.

"What it says?" he asks, getting on his feet.

Harska is tensed with rage as she reads every word. Someone has been following them, waiting for them to open the passage to the dagger.

"What it says?" Skold asks again.

He has been watching them fighting, waiting for them to kill each other.

"Ye gonna answer? What it says?" Skold insists.

And now, amused by the situation, he has the nerve to thank them for the dagger? Harska's hands begin to tremble, and the piece of paper immediately catches fire.

She stands there, immobile, taking a deep breath.

"So, what it said?" Skold reiterates.

Harska snaps. She turns around in an instant, punching Skold in the nose. "Shut the fock up!" she yells. She punches over and over again. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"

She grabs Skold by the collar, her eyes burning like never before. Despite his bleeding nose, Skold doesn't even try to say anything.

"Ye listen tae me now. I've had enough o' this little game. From now on, ye're gonna work with me, whether ye like it or not. We're gonna work together and no treasure will elude us like this ever again. Is that clear?"

"A-Aye ma'am," Skold hastily nods, waiting for Harska to release her grip.

When she does, he starts breathing again.

"Now," she says, "we have a dagger tae get back."

The End