Skold Grimboar Brawler Scare tactician
Harska Grimboar Pyromaniac Pain in the ass
"Can I get a raise?"
"I'm goin' tae let 'em burn, burn, burn!"

Appearance & Background

Outfit: His armor is patched up haphazardly from scavenged parts. It's not in its cleanest state.
Face: Broken face, rotten teeth, you won't love him for his aesthetics.
Birthplace: Shadowforge City.
Relatives: Harska, the pain in the ass he can't get rid of.
Outfit: Her outfit is handcrafted. A patchwork of recuperation fabric and old fur.
Face: She could be pretty if she didn't always have a contemptuous face.
Birthplace: Shadowforge City.
Relatives: Skold, partner in crimes, in business and in life. She has some family back home but she's not talkative about it.


Scavenger: They have various skills including stealing, grave robbing, corpse looting, and so on.
Navigator: They know how to read a map, so they hardly get lost.
Treasure Hunter: He has a thing for finding stories that may (or may not) lead to valuable items.
Volunteer: If there is gold, he wants in. No matter the risks.
Prospector: She knows how to analyse the ground and where to dig to find precious things.
Burning healer: Being healed by Harska is like having boiling water poured on your wounds. Efficient, but is it worth it?


Cheap: There's nothing they like more than free stuff. Except gold itself.
Stubborn: They're the missing link between dwarves and mules.
Grouch: Grmpf.
Foolish: He's surely not the brightest dwarf you know, nor the most cautious one.
Scare tactician: When was his last bath, again?
Grouch: Tsss.
Possessive: Don't mess with her stuff!
Pyromaniac: She loves to burn things, places or people. Even herself.