Pandaria. A land like no other, not giving in to hatred. A land trying to preserve peace at all costs. It's here, far from her own people, but close to her values, that the young Priestess of Elune Hatya hoped to regain serenity.

Evacuated in Stormwind like countless other night elves, all she could see was people driven by vengeance, always prone to more violence. An Alliance forged in the blood she couldn't stand the smell of anymore. She had to run away from this war.

Alas, in this land full of mysteries, death can also strike where it's least expected.

And during this gruesome night, the young Priestess of Elune, innocent, loses her life. Once again, the unbearable smell resurfaces. The smell of blood.

At the Pools of Purity, villagers have never seen anything like it. Can somebody solve the murder of the Priestess of Elune?

At the Traders Initiative, the Dark Iron prospectors return. Skold speaks to everyone there:

"Listen, lads. We just got back from Pandaria. There must be so many treasures there, we have tae keep lookin'. Anyway, we heard about some fancy Priestess from Darnassus who went there tae start a new life or somethin' and she wanted tae sell some old jewels tae help her settle in.

We're not traders, so we thought we could talk tae ye about this. But there was no rush, right? We wanted tae stay there fer the night and leave the next day.

That was during the night that the night elf was murdered.

We don't care much fer the long-legs, but it seems that her most precious jewel was taken as well that night. Since she had no family and the jewel must be worth some real gold, I say we go and solve this case."

OOC information

  • Meeting point: On the road between Halfhill and Thunderfoot Fields, at the junction to the Pools of Purity. Valley of the Four Winds.
  • Time: May the 7th, 8pm.
  • Event type: Investigation.
  • Combat system: Stratus™