Everyone's getting ready for Winter Veil these last days. Everyone but Harska and Skold, who enter the shop with their don't-get-mad face.

"Ye're not that much into that Winter Veil thin', right lads?" asks Skold. "Somethin' happened. Not really our fault, but, err... Well, I'd better tell ye the whole story..."

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He concludes, "So if ye're willin' tae save yer little Winter Veil, ye'd better come with us, 'cause I'm not sure we could do it in time."

OOC information

  • Meeting point: Kharanos, Dun Morogh, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Time: Friday, 13th December, 8pm
  • Event type: Investigation
  • Combat system: Stratus™ Lite

Warning: The outcome of this event will carry consequences in Josalyn's Winter Veil party!

Registration rules

  1. You have to sign up for the event at the latest 24 hours before the event starts. You can sign up the way you want: in-game calendar, discord... Check the list of participants below if you're not sure your registration was taken into consideration. We won't accept any last minute registration, unless it's a new recruit.
  2. If you're signed up, you're expected to show up.
  3. If you're gonna be late or have to leave early, please tell us beforehand so we can adapt.
  4. If you sign up as a "tentative", please tell us what to expect. We don't want to know about your private life, but we'd like to know the odds of you being there.
  5. Failure to comply to these rules may result in your participation being denied for further events.

Participants: Skold (DM), Harska, Josalyn, Joshua, Kethael, Geraan, Roseiline