A few days ago, a not so nice Dark Iron dwarf came by the shop shouting the name "Grimboar". Foraldrad Blazetongue, Harska's grandfather, learnt about her wedding and he's not happy about it.

Skold didn't ask for the elder's blessing and Alexi didn't follow Dark Iron traditions for the ceremony. Now the old dwarf has decided to cancel the wedding, unless... Unless Skold proves he's worthy of Harska during his trials.

Skold needs anyone's help for him to be sure he can overcome these trials.

Will Skold be worthy enough for Harska's grandfather or will the not-married-anymore Dark Iron couple be forced to give all the gifts back?

OOC information

  • Meeting point: Blackrock Mountain, Burning Steppes, Eastern Kingdoms
  • Time: Saturday 7th March 2020, 8:30pm
  • Event type: Character-centric, Challenges
  • Roll system: Ragnarollâ„¢

Registration rules

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  2. If you're signed up, you're expected to show up.
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  4. If you sign up as a "tentative", please tell us what to expect. We don't want to know about your private life, but we'd like to know the odds of you being there.
  5. Failure to comply to these rules may result in your participation being denied for further events.
  • Participants: Harska (DM), Skold, Josalyn, Rodrick, Alexi, Arcadia, Vesdryn, Kestreleye, Arian, Eva, Kethael, Joshua, Reily
  • Tentative: -