You're listening to what Skold has to say.

Guess what, lads? While we were looking fer some dragon bones fer Alexi, we came across some interestin' tale about some peculiar dragon who... Well, I won't spoil the surprise now, right? Just take a look.

Read the tale "The Dragon's Village"

I know, I know, ye'll tell me: "Skold, this is some bedtime story for children, nothin' more." And it could be. But it's not, 'cause we found the damn thin'. The entrance, at least. And now, we could use a hand. It seems we need tae seriously turn things over in our heads and... we don't want to wreck our chances.

Maybe the story's all true. Maybe not. But one thing's sure, there's no smoke without gold.

What? Of course I'm sure that's the sayin', 'cause there's no smoke without fire, no fire without Harska, and no Harska without gold, right?

OOC information

  • Meeting point: Dustwing Dig, Badlands.
  • Time: Friday 12-04, 8pm.
  • Event type: Exploration, Puzzle
  • Combat system (if any): Stratus™