You're listening to what Harska has to say.

Hey lads, I remembered Starpetal asking us for fireblooms one night... Then redhead Josalyn gave me firebloom powder like some sort of treasure...

So, I told meself "Those fireblooms must be worth some money, me darlin' Harska!" We start lookin' and pokin' around... And we have a lead tae get those damn flowers. Fresh from the ground fireblooms! Absolute gold fer flowers lovers! And I heard weddin's season is comin'... I bet all brides from Stormwind will want fireblooms as a bouquet.

A wacko fire elemental cultivate 'em. BUT he won't give 'em to Skold or I for some... crappy reason...


Ye can "win" 'em though. Want those flowers? Come with us and get 'em!

OOC information

  • Meeting point: Chiselgrip-Burning Steppes
  • Time: Friday, 26th april. 8pm.
  • Event type: Mini-games
  • Combat: Eva style (None)